Transformational Keynote Speakers

by Leah Doyle | April 26, 2022
Transformative thinking enables individuals and teams to create, change, perform at their best and achieve sustained success. ...
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The Purpose of Art

by Erik Wahl | April 12, 2022
The purpose of art is not to produce a product. The purpose of art is to produce thinking.
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Sustainable Event Ideas: What Meeting Professionals Can Do

by Denise Irving | April 4, 2022
Over the last few decades, our environmental awareness has grown and evolved from a small movement to a global initiative that ...
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3 Keynote Speakers Every Event Planner Wants to Book

by Leah Doyle | March 31, 2022
The first quarter of 2022 may have come to a close, but these 3 Top Keynote Speakers (for Q1) are just getting warmed up!
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Top Cyber Security Keynote Speakers

by Leah Doyle | March 23, 2022
Over the last decade, technology has become increasingly more sophisticated, allowing organizations – and society as a whole – to ...
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Events & Technology: What Meeting Professionals Need to Know

by Denise Irving | March 15, 2022
If we've learned nothing else from the past two years, it's that we must evolve – and the meetings industry is doing just that.
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International Women's Day: Join Us In Solidarity

by Denise Irving | March 7, 2022
International Women’s Day (IWD) is a day of celebration, action, and awareness for women and the challenges or injustices we face ...
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Break the Bias: Celebrating Women's History Month

by Denise Irving | February 15, 2022
Cue the drum roll, International Women's History Month begins March 1st! Never has there been a more important time in history ...
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Spice Up Your Event with a Celebrity Chef

by Denise Irving | January 31, 2022
We know that our kitchens represent a lot more than just cooking; Covid-19 may have taught us that the hard way.
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DEI Speakers for Today's Rapid-Fire Business

by Lisa K. Coleman | January 21, 2022
Today’s business environment meets diversity at the intersection of culture, politics, Covid-19, and changing (and merging) ...
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