Events & Technology: What Meeting Professionals Need to Know

by Denise Irving | March 15, 2022
If we've learned nothing else from the past two years, it's that we must evolve – and the meetings industry is doing just that.
Gone are the days of the binder and checklist. Now it's all digital and technology for event marketers; leaving even some of the most experienced industry experts scratching their heads.
Understanding technology, and having your finger on the pulse of how it impacts your meeting will make you a rockstar! So, how do you get there...?
Here's what we know: Virtual and hybrid events aren't going anywhere. They need to ignite motivation, engage audiences, inspire performance, live stream all time zones, provide value, and meet the ever-changing Covid-19 environment. 
A recent study done by EventMB had some interesting – and alarming – findings. One of the most noteworthy results concerned self-reported comfort levels with event tech.
EventMB event tech chart
Obviously, creating memorable experiences is the top priority, but the way that happens is through the best innovative platforms that offer powerful experiences, education, networking, teambuilding, reliability, and WOW factor. Luckily, there are many innovative keynote speakers who upped their tech game to be able to deliver exciting programs from the stage, from a studio, the small screen, or both.
We pulled together some top event tech resources and upcoming trends to help every planner regardless of the length of time in the industry. These go from event marketing 101 to planners who have been in the industry for a long time.
Remember, we're here to be a resource and partner to you as you begin planning your next event. We have access to the hottest, top talent in the industry. Our team, collectively, has over 110 years of experience. we love this industry and we love helping the planners we work with look like stars! 

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Written by Denise Irving

Denise is new to our team, she has an adventurous side, is an outdoor enthusiast hitting trails for runs and races anywhere she can with her companion, Stella, she also loves yoga and cooking. She is extremely passionate and committed to environmental and human rights issues and is the secretary for the Board of Directors for the Shenipsit Striders, a non-profit dedicated to trail stewardship programs in Connecticut and beyond.

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