Lisa K. Coleman

Lisa joined SpeakInc in 2005 with six successful years working in the speaker bureau industry. She became a Partner in 2010. Lisa is a graduate of Southern Illinois University with a degree in Biological Sciences and Secondary Education. She has been in sales since she was 16: shoes, cocktails, jewelry, military items, pistachios, secondary computer parts (her own company) and speakers. She operates our Tucson office. When not working she enjoys golf, yard work, working out at the gym and relaxing in her pool.
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Recent Posts

DEI Speakers for Today's Rapid-Fire Business

by Lisa K. Coleman | January 21, 2022
Today’s business environment meets diversity at the intersection of culture, politics, Covid-19, and changing (and merging) ...
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Top Diversity Keynote Speakers from SpeakInc

by Lisa K. Coleman | March 10, 2020
In today's business climate, embracing diversity is not just admirable - it is essential; and the one statement we hear over and ...
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How Much Does a Keynote Speaker Typically Cost?

by Lisa K. Coleman | January 24, 2017
A great keynote speaker is one the main keys to success for an event or conference. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult ...
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