Denise Irving

Denise is new to our team, she has an adventurous side, is an outdoor enthusiast hitting trails for runs and races anywhere she can with her companion, Stella, she also loves yoga and cooking. She is extremely passionate and committed to environmental and human rights issues and is the secretary for the Board of Directors for the Shenipsit Striders, a non-profit dedicated to trail stewardship programs in Connecticut and beyond.
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Top Female Speakers to Create Competitive Advantage

by Denise Irving | October 11, 2021
“Buckle up, and know it’s going to be a tremendous amount of work, but embrace it.”
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Fortune Tellers vs. Futurists: Future Trends Speakers Who Know Business

by Denise Irving | September 22, 2021
Fortune telling, palm reading, and crystal balls would be amazing if they actually worked, but innovative leaders don’t rely on ...
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8 Tips to Finding the Perfect Keynote Speaker

by Denise Irving | September 3, 2021
In-house industry leader, Rich Gibbons has this to say about the importance of hiring the perfect keynote speakers for ...
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Hybrid Event Tips from Industry Experts

by Denise Irving | August 3, 2021
re·sil·ience / rəˈzilyəns / noun 1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
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Top 10 Keynote Speakers of 2021

by Denise Irving | July 19, 2021
These top keynote speakers are turning up the heat! While the industry went through a complete ‘reboot’ due to Covid-19, we are ...
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Top Keynote Speakers to Drive Your Organization Forward

by Denise Irving | July 14, 2021
PERFORMANCE. It's more about mental toughness and less about resilience and grit. Olympians and corporate athletes alike need to ...
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2021 Tokyo Olympics and Our Top Inspirational Speakers and Athletes

by Denise Irving | June 25, 2021
After bitter disappointment due to Covid-19, the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics were postponed. It was a crushing blow for athletes ...
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Conversation with an Upcoming Tokyo Paralympian

by Denise Irving | June 11, 2021
To be a competitive athlete in the Olympics requires not only commitment, discipline, mental toughness, and true grit, but also a ...
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Meet Our Top Keynote Speakers!

by Denise Irving | June 7, 2021
ICYMI, we have a Speaker of The Week feature on our website. These featured speakers are among the best of the best in the ...
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Keynote Speakers Who Remind Us of the Importance of Memorial Day

by Denise Irving | May 26, 2021
Memorial Day 2020 might be a vague, rearview mirror memory. Much of 2020 was. After all, it's been over one hundred years since ...
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