Hybrid Event Tips from Industry Experts

by Denise Irving | August 3, 2021
re·sil·ience /rəˈzilyəns/
1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

Just when you thought we were crawling out of the grips of the Coronavirus, the delta variant is waging war, throwing our industry into yet another tailspin of uncertainty. The good news is that we have learned A WHOLE LOT about what works and what doesn't over the last year(ish), and one thing we know for certain, virtual and hybrid events are here to stay. 

While in-person meetings are taking place in some parts of the country (YAY!!) other parts are experiencing new mandates, restrictions, and lockdowns. Sigh….our resilience runneth over! Don’t fear though, we have access to the best keynote speakers in the industry who have nailed the virtual/hybrid experience.

With the world of work changing rapidly and organizations transforming literally as I'm typing this, it has pushed keynoters to elevate and innovate their presentations, providing purposeful and powerful experiences that engage audiences via screen or on a stage, they capture the minds and hearts of attendees around the globe.

We wanted to hear from industry experts about hybrid event management, so Rich Gibbons sat down with Global Event Marketer, Julie Lynch, and Event Strategist, Tom Ryder to unpack all you need to know when it comes to creating hybrid events.

Hybrid Event Management: A Conversation with Global Event Marketer Julie Lynch

Hybrid Event Management: A Conversation with Event Strategist Tom Ryder

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of working with a speakers bureau, please download our infographic.


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Written by Denise Irving

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