5 Tips in Booking a Big Name for your Next Conference

by Leah Doyle | February 16, 2016
Do you want a big name for your next conference? An in-demand speaker? In order to book a celebrity, a media personality, or any ...
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Announcing Your Keynote Speaker

by Leah Doyle | February 9, 2016
Landing a fabulous keynote speaking is exciting, but your work as a meeting planner doesn't end there. As you work though ...
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Be Prepared if You have to Cancel Your Conference Due to the Weather

by Leah Doyle | February 2, 2016
In August of 2005, a few of the staff of the Community Action Partnership (CAP) were busy completing final preparations for their ...
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"Not Everyone Gets a Trophy" Revised & Updated

by Leah Doyle | January 28, 2016
Generational Workplace Author Bruce Tulgan has recently revised & updated his book Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How to Manage the ...
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Six Tips to Help You Introduce a Keynote Speaker

by Leah Doyle | January 26, 2016
How a keynote speaker is introduced at your conference can make or break their speech. A good introduction sets the right tone ...
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Upcoming Book Release DEALSTORMING

by Leah Doyle | January 21, 2016
February 23rd, 2016 is the Official Release Date of Tim Sanders' New Book DEALSTORMING: The Secret Weapon That Can Solve Your ...
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Planning a BIG Event? Here are the Ten Biggest Convention Centers in the United States

by Leah Doyle | January 19, 2016
If you are planning a really big event, you will need plenty of space. Here is a list of the largest convention centers, by ...
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Event Security - Keeping your Conference Attendees and Keynote Speaker Safe

by Leah Doyle | January 12, 2016
Security is a factor for any event - it’s the reality of our society today. As an event planner, it is your job to do everything ...
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New Book Release ~ "The Price of Prosperity"

by Leah Doyle | January 7, 2016
Coming this spring published by HarperCollins, The Price of Prosperity: Why Rich Nations Fail and How to Renew Them, by Former ...
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The top 8 tips for promoting your event planning services in 2016

by Leah Doyle | January 5, 2016
You may have been flush with clients in 2015, but what will the new year bring for your event planning business? Now is the time ...
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