How are Millennials changing the event planning industry?

by Leah Doyle | October 21, 2015
In the first quarter of 2015, the Millennial generation passed Generation X to now constitute the largest share of U.S. workers. ...
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7 Ideas for Creative Engagement at Your Next Conference

by Leah Doyle | October 15, 2015
Webinars and podcasts are easier and often much less expensive than conferences, but not more effective. It is vital to take time ...
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Finding that Perfect Safety Speaker for Your Next Event

by Leah Doyle | October 8, 2015
You are sitting at your desk dreading having to plan this year’s safety meeting. You know you have to address the topic of ...
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7 Ways $20,000 Keynote Speakers Can Pay for Themselves

by Leah Doyle | September 6, 2015
Some meeting planners’ and event organizers' budgets are so scrutinized that they have to justify every expense. Every dollar ...
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Bad visuals are killing your keynote speaker

by Leah Doyle | September 2, 2015
You know that bad feeling you had the first time you watched Superman get the snot beat out of him by Lex Luther and you wondered ...
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How do you wow meeting planners?

by Leah Doyle | August 25, 2015
With an over 18 annual industry conferences to attend, meeting planners must be choosy about where they spend their precious time ...
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5 tips for booking the best keynote speakers

by Leah Doyle | August 18, 2015
Nothing can kill a great event like a bad keynote speaker. Most speakers sound fantastic in the program listing. They have the ...
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Lighten your workload with these 8 event-planning apps

by Leah Doyle | August 12, 2015
Event planners typically wear a number of hats, and the workload can get overwhelming at times. In an attempt to organize your ...
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To Achieve the “Wow Factor” with your Conference, Ace the Audio-Visuals

by Leah Doyle | August 5, 2015
Even with the world’s greatest keynote speaker, a poor setup and lousy audio-visuals can ruin your conference. Properly producing ...
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Finesse your follow-up to increase meeting ROI

by Leah Doyle | July 28, 2015
You’ve put on an impressive meeting or conference with stellar printed materials, a luxurious venue, delectable cuisine and ...
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