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Troy Hazard is a keynote speaker on business strategy, growth and change. He is an Amazon business books best-selling author and television host. He has owned 13 companies over 30 years and has consulted to 300+ companies in 16 countries.
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Don't PIVOT. Just Rethink the Plan.

by Troy Hazard | April 30, 2021
It’s no secret the world has been put on its head! Business leaders everywhere are just trying to work out how to get things done ...
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Leading a Decentralized Workforce

by Troy Hazard | July 6, 2020
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The Small Business Antivirus

by Troy Hazard | March 23, 2020
Small business owners and leaders need to get busy to protect their business against the impact of this virus, as unfortunately ...
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Take Control in 2020 with These 3 Promises

by Troy Hazard | January 15, 2020
So, at about this time every year we all take some time off, we enjoy the time with family and friends, and we find a quiet ...
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'Tis the Season for Kick-Off Meetings

by Troy Hazard | December 20, 2019
It’s about this time of the year that everyone is planning their ‘kick off’ meetings for 2020, and speakers and agents are ...
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A 2020 Vision for Business

by Troy Hazard | December 13, 2019
As we head into a new decade, the holidays will no doubt be a time for reflection on the last ten years, and a time to consider ...
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What Successful Entrepreneurs DON'T Do

by Troy Hazard | November 22, 2019
This week is Global Entrepreneurship Week, and as a result I have had an influx of emails and posts on my social media streams ...
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It's the Bottom of the 9th!

by Troy Hazard | October 25, 2019
With only a few weeks to run until the end of the year, for many business leaders, it’s starting to feel like the bottom of the ...
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5 Business Rules You Should Break

by Troy Hazard | October 3, 2019
For years we’ve lived by a number of standard business rules, but as the landscape of business changes, so to do the rules. ...
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It's Just Too Hard!

by Troy Hazard | June 13, 2019
It’s about this time of the year that you can feel the half way mark approach.
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