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Leah originally joined SpeakInc in 2006 and currently serves as their Digital Marketer and Analyst. Originally from Southern California, Leah is a graduate of San Diego State University. She currently lives in Jacksonville, FL with her husband, John, and their two children. If she's not taxiing her kids to the ball fields, you can find her at the beach or a local coffee shop!
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Who Are the Best Keynote Speakers?

by Leah Doyle | January 17, 2017
You’re planning a big event or conference. You hope to spread your organization’s message, inspire participants, and generate ...
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Newly Released Leadership Book

by Leah Doyle | August 4, 2016
Award-Winning Leadership Expert David Cottrell has released his latest leadership book, The First Two Rules of Leadership: Don't ...
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Creating a Well Done Conference Website

by Leah Doyle | July 22, 2016
It's time to build an effective website for your event. As the meeting planner, you can delegate this responsibility to one of ...
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Newly Released Book “Inclusive Talent Management”

by Leah Doyle | July 14, 2016
Global Inclusion & Leadership Expert Stephen Frost has just released his second book, Inclusive Talent Management: How ...
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Developing a Public Relations Strategy for Your Conference

by Leah Doyle | July 11, 2016
You’ve been working with your committee for months. The conference planning is well on its way and now it’s five months from the ...
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10 Inspirational Quotes for Event Planners

by Leah Doyle | June 22, 2016
Sometimes event planning can be draining. You look at the list of objectives to accomplish and it resembles a rushing river of ...
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Coming Late Summer ~ New Book Release

by Leah Doyle | June 16, 2016
From the Author who brought you Small Message, Big Impact & New Sales Speak, Terri Sjodin's latest offering is Scrappy: A ...
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Upcoming Book Release “The Ideal Team Player”

by Leah Doyle | April 21, 2016
Teamwork & Employee Engagement Expert Patrick Lencioni’s much-anticipated new book, The Ideal Team Player: How to Recognize ...
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Recently Released Book "Partnership Is The New Leadership"

by Leah Doyle | April 14, 2016
Entrepreneur & Leadership Expert Ty Bennett has just released his fourth book, Partnership Is The New Leadership, which is ...
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World's Top 30 Leadership Professionals for 2016

by Leah Doyle | March 17, 2016
See who made the Global Gurus Top 30 for 2016 in the Leadership Category. Just to name a few: Marcus Buckingham, Douglas Conant, ...
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