Leah Doyle

Leah originally joined SpeakInc in 2006 and currently serves as their Digital Marketer and Analyst. Originally from Southern California, Leah is a graduate of San Diego State University. She currently lives in Jacksonville, FL with her husband, John, and their two children. If she's not taxiing her kids to the ball fields, you can find her at the beach or a local coffee shop!
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Virtual Reality and Events of the (Not-So-Distant) Future

by Leah Doyle | July 3, 2017
Technology has made everything more competitive, and event planning is no exception. Our attention spans are shorter, and ...
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New Book from Mark Sanborn

by Leah Doyle | June 26, 2017
How do you reach your full potential? How can you bridge the gap between who you are and what you’re truly capable of? The ...
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Want to Boost Your Attendee Engagement? Try These 5 Technology Tips

by Leah Doyle | June 26, 2017
Event organizers work long hours and juggle busy schedules to pull off a great event. If the audience fails to engage during the ...
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Freibergs Featured in INC. Magazine

by Leah Doyle | June 19, 2017
Read the article in last week's online issue of INC. about the Freiberg's long term client, who is stunning a sleepy industry ...
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Increase Live Audience Engagement with These Mobile Apps

by Leah Doyle | June 19, 2017
Virtually all attendees at your next event will have a phone in their pockets. For event organizers and speakers, that is great ...
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An Interview with Branding & Marketing Guru, Johnny "Cupcakes" Earle

by Leah Doyle | June 14, 2017
How do you turn a t-shirt brand that's sold from the trunk of a rusty car into a global, multi-million dollar business? Named ...
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Three Software Applications Every Event Organizer Should Know

by Leah Doyle | June 12, 2017
Planning any event, from large association conferences to client appreciation events, requires many moving parts. Scheduling ...
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The Best Presentation Applications for Keynote Speakers

by Leah Doyle | June 5, 2017
Keynote presentations serve as the cornerstone of events. They often establish the theme or purpose of the event and set the tone ...
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Can Technology and Happiness Co-Exist?

by Leah Doyle | May 15, 2017
An Interview with Tech Expert, Amy Blankson Tracey Bloom: How did you get started in the field of Happiness? Amy Blankson: I ...
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New Book from Tasha Eurich

by Leah Doyle | May 10, 2017
Wants to make the leap from self-blindness to self-insight for your personal fulfillment and professional success? Business ...
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