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by Denise Irving | January 11, 2022

Organizations of all sizes have felt (and continue to feel) the intense pain and long-lasting effects of the pandemic. And we’re not done yet.

Now more than ever leaders are turning to economists, forecasters, and futurists to help connect the dots between the world of Wall Street, consumer demands, and their workforce in order to implement creative ways to build their businesses. Additionally, it’s critical to understand the trends that are coming to prepare for the “what’s next.”   

As the business landscape continues to change at warp speed, top economists and future trends speakers advise leaders and help organizations around the globe peer into the future. They assist in taking a macro and micro look at pressing issues like the global economy, housing, inflation, investing, energy, the pandemic, digital transformation, data security, financial cycles, human capital, and so much more.

These global thinkers are known for their valuable insights, which are critical for CEOs and entrepreneurs to understand, so they can take proactive steps to protect their organizations, maintain a competitive advantage, and ensure growth in a complicated environment.

Economist and futurist keynote speakers have their fingers on the pulse of “what’s coming.” They are detailed analysts and disruptors who use cutting-edge data, research, review case studies and speak to industry leaders around the world about emerging technologies and trends. While they may not be able to actually “see” the future, they can break down complex information and prepare organizations to stay a step ahead.

To help you prepare for a successful year, we're including an extensive list of top future and economic outlook podcasts. You can listen to what’s top of mind for businesses, AND what experts are advising.

playerfmFurthermore, we are also excited to share a list of the Top 5 Future Trends Speakers of 2022. They are an in-depth mix of bestselling authors, researchers, scientistseconomists, and advisors to Fortune 500 companies. These top keynote speakers challenge all of us to take a big-world glance that impacts our local communities, businesses, and our lives as a whole.

Todd Buchholz is a renowned economist, White House advisor, and best-selling author. Todd connects the dots between Wall Street, Main Street, and financial capitals throughout the world. Learn more...

Mary Kelly specializes in leadership growth that helps organizations improve their profitability and productivity, especially in finance, insurance, real estate, and manufacturing. Learn more...

Christopher Kuehl, Ph.D. is the Managing Director of Armada Corporate Intelligence and one of the co-founders of the company. He has been Armada's economic analyst and has worked with a wide variety of private clients and professional associations in the last eighteen years. Learn more...

Tom Landstreet is manager of the global macro N3L Fund, named for Newton's 3rd Law. Tom analyzes government economic policies and their incentive effects on behavior … and prices in the real economy. His behavioral economic analysis leads him to specific investments. Learn more...

Peter Ricchiuti is the business professor you wish you had back in college. His humor and insight have twice made him the top professor at Tulane University's Freeman School of Business. Learn more...

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Written by Denise Irving

Denise is new to our team, she has an adventurous side, is an outdoor enthusiast hitting trails for runs and races anywhere she can with her companion, Stella, she also loves yoga and cooking. She is extremely passionate and committed to environmental and human rights issues and is the secretary for the Board of Directors for the Shenipsit Striders, a non-profit dedicated to trail stewardship programs in Connecticut and beyond.

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