Sustainable Event Trends

by Goodman | April 4, 2022

sustainabilityOver the last few decades, our environmental awareness has grown and evolved from a small movement to a global initiative that affects every aspect of day-to-day life.

With environmental activism on the rise, ongoing protests being held in common meeting destinations, the complexity of travel, and COVID-19, it’s impossible to ignore the global issues and impact our industry has on the planet.

The hospitality industry is uniquely positioned to have a positive ripple effect that creates some of the biggest sustainable changes. Why? Because corporate leaders and event professionals had been looking at innovative ways to minimize the event's carbon footprint even before the crushing pandemic landslide hit.

Hosting sustainable meetings has been a top priority for meeting planners who have been implementing bold ideas and radically rethinking how we can collaborate and provide unforgettable experiences, all the while loving and protecting the planet.

We have work to do, but never before has there been such an overarching unity among CEOs, conservationists, authors, actors, scientists, and experts from every industry who are ready to look at the systematic change in how industries and consumption work.

Here are two great articles and resources from Swapcard and EHL Insights.

We realize that sustainability is more than just a trendy talking point, it’s a way of life and business in today’s environmentally conscious world.

Let our experienced cadre of renowned thought leaders help you and your business navigate the increasingly complex environmental landscape. They will leave your audience re-thinking the importance of our planet, and the ability we as individuals have to create sustainable change.

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