Questions to Consider when Searching for the Perfect Speaker

by Chris | February 14, 2009

Presented for Cisco Systems, Inc.
May 2007

1.) Content/Objectives for Speaker

-What would you like your group to feel or to know when they leave this session?
-Do you want a strong inspirational message or more of a business/sales message?
-Is humor important?
-Is a big name important to you? If so, will this fit into your budget? (big names are generally $20K+)
-Do you want a speaker who will customize his/her program?
-Do you want speakers who have spoken to other similar groups?
-Will your group be receptive to a speaker who stands behind a podium?

2.) Audience demographics

-Age range of qualifiers?
-Educational backgrounds?
-Ratio of male/female?

3.) Financial Considerations

-What is your budget for speakers…Does this include travel expenses?
-Will the budget you have allocated for your speaker work with the speaker you have chosen?

4.) Format

-What event(s) does speaker follow?
-What speakers/presenters does the speaker follow?
-How much time is allotted for the speaker on your agenda?
-If this is a banquet program, will alcohol be served? If so, you may want a speaker who has more humor than content.
-If you want a speaker for your Opening Session, make sure you select a speaker who gets everyone pumped up for what is to come during the next few days and someone who can set the tone for your meeting and conference objectives.
-If you want a speaker for your Closing Session, make sure you select a speaker who can wrap up many of the concepts and themes offered throughout your conference so that everyone is sent off on a high note - thinking about what they have experienced and learned.

5.) Other

-Who are the past speakers and how were they rated?
-Will you require that the speaker does a conference call with you or your executives prior to the program?
-How do you want to preview speaker candidates (printed biographical information, demonstration videos, live previews, web clips, conference call)?

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Written by Chris


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