Managing Your Wellbeing Amidst Pandemic Fatigue

by Denise Irving | January 29, 2021

Coronavirus buzzword fatigue? Yep, us too.

BusinessOverwhelm_WAHWe’ve heard them all -- new normal, pivot, virtual, social distancing, force majeure... Now that we’re almost a year into the pandemic, if we haven’t pivoted by now, we’re in trouble.

The longer we sit in the chaos of Covid-19, one thing is clear -- professionals in EVERY industry have been hurt, crushed, decimated, and have had to figure out how to reconfigure, reorganize, and reconstruct their lives. All of us have had to tap into our personal resilience to stay relevant in the workplace, and it hasn’t been easy.

Something we haven’t heard a lot about is the trauma that we’ve all had to endure, personally and professionally. A compelling article from our friends at Smart Meetings entitled, How to Manage Events Industry PTSD, recently addressed PTSD in the events industry, and there’s no denying that it’s one hundred percent on point.

This got us thinking about all the other industry professionals that are struggling with the same trauma and PTSD as event professionals. According to the CDC Covid-19 has changed the way we work -- sending many into isolation, unsupported, caring for elderly parents, children, etc. Fear and anxiety about “the now” and “what’s next” can be overwhelming, leading to heightened workplace stress causing burnout.

BUT, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we want you to know that you and your organization’s wellbeing is important to us. You’re more than just colleagues and clients, you’re our community!

Our goal is to provide forward-leaning, innovative leaders who help organizations care for the wellbeing of their workforce. Our award-winning speakers provide proven strategies, coping skills, and tools to help create a more optimistic and positive mind-shift needed to be successful, productive, and resilient in the workplace.

Take a look at these wellness and fitness experts who can guide your organization with effective healthcare programs!

We’re ready to help you inspire your company and set the tone for a healthy 2021!  

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Written by Denise Irving

Denise is new to our team, she has an adventurous side, is an outdoor enthusiast hitting trails for runs and races anywhere she can with her companion, Stella, she also loves yoga and cooking. She is extremely passionate and committed to environmental and human rights issues and is the secretary for the Board of Directors for the Shenipsit Striders, a non-profit dedicated to trail stewardship programs in Connecticut and beyond.

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