Inspirational Heroes

by Chris | February 14, 2009

Although the amazing photograph of the survivors standing on the wings of the U.S. Airways #1549 jet was taken last month, this miracle is still etched in our minds and in our hearts.

When United Airlines flight #232 lost its hydraulic flight controls on July 19, 1989, Captain Denny Fitch was sitting in a passenger seat in the cabin of the plane. Moments later he was in the cockpit, volunteering his services. A DC-10 pilot and trainer, Captain Fitch was instrumental in the crew’s success at saving nearly 200 lives that day.

Back in 1966, Captain Gerald Coffee while flying combat missions over North Vietnam was downed by enemy fire.  He parachuted safely but was captured immediately. For the next seven years he was held as a POW in the Communist prisons of North Vietnam.

To learn more about these heroes and others like them, check out or call 800-677-3324.

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Written by Chris


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