Larry King Interviews Green Czar & Green Celeb

by Chris | April 21, 2009

Last night on CNN’s Larry King Live, Larry went GREEN with guests Van Jones, the “green czar” and Robert Redford, a “green celebrity.”

Van Jones is on the White House Council on Environmental Quality as a special adviser for Green Jobs.  He is the founder of Green for All and the author of The Green Collar Economy. Van Jones’ goal is to help President Obama put people back to work in green supportive jobs evolving around solar panels, wind farms, making homes more energy efficient, etc…

Robert Redford is a well-known actor, director and environmental activist.  His view is that it is about ordinary people from all walks of life and all over the globe doing things to make people's lives better, and starting with their own, of course.  What can we do? Simple things such as; plant trees, remove Styrofoam products, recycle, use alternate sources of power when affordable and do away with plastic grocery bags.

If you want to learn more about being Green on the Job, consider Tim Sanders for your next meeting.  Tim is the author of, Saving The World At Work.  His talk will challenge audience members to:

Improve the quality of life of all employees and workers. 

Participate in current corporate or association community projects. 

Reduce individual and company environmental footprint. 

 For additional information on Tim Sanders and other Green Business and Social Responsibility speakers, visit or call 800-677-3324.


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Written by Chris


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