Newly Released Leadership Book

by Leah Doyle | August 4, 2016
Award-Winning Leadership Expert David Cottrell has released his latest leadership book, The First Two Rules of Leadership: Don't ...
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Creating a Well Done Conference Website

by Leah Doyle | July 22, 2016
It's time to build an effective website for your event. As the meeting planner, you can delegate this responsibility to one of ...
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Newly Released Book “Inclusive Talent Management”

by Leah Doyle | July 14, 2016
Global Inclusion & Leadership Expert Stephen Frost has just released his second book, Inclusive Talent Management: How Business ...
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Developing a Public Relations Strategy for Your Conference

by Leah Doyle | July 11, 2016
You’ve been working with your committee for months. The conference planning is well on its way and now it’s five months from the ...
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10 Inspirational Quotes for Event Planners

by Leah Doyle | June 22, 2016
Sometimes event planning can be draining. You look at the list of objectives to accomplish and it resembles a rushing river of ...
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Coming Late Summer ~ New Book Release

by Leah Doyle | June 16, 2016
From the Author who brought you Small Message, Big Impact & New Sales Speak, Terri Sjodin's latest offering is Scrappy: A Little ...
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Upcoming Book Release “The Ideal Team Player”

by Leah Doyle | April 21, 2016
Teamwork & Employee Engagement Expert Patrick Lencioni’s much-anticipated new book, The Ideal Team Player: How to Recognize and ...
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Recently Released Book "Partnership Is The New Leadership"

by Leah Doyle | April 14, 2016
Entrepreneur & Leadership Expert Ty Bennett has just released his fourth book, Partnership Is The New Leadership, which is the ...
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World's Top 30 Leadership Professionals for 2016

by Leah Doyle | March 17, 2016
See who made the Global Gurus Top 30 for 2016 in the Leadership Category. Just to name a few: Marcus Buckingham, Douglas Conant, ...
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6 Top Event Technology Trends in 2016

by Leah Doyle | March 8, 2016
An event planner not only needs to be organized and great with details, but also needs to be educated on the trends of ...
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